The Cast

Thank ABBA for the Music - Suzi SUZI / AGENTHA

Suzi’s obsession with singing began at a very early age. Alongside her A-Levels, Suzi studied various vocal techniques and took part in a number of vocal sessions for recording artists. She blames her dad for her interest in the music of ABBA.  She could often be found raiding his record collection and spending her youth endlessly learning the famous ABBA trademark harmonies. In her late teens, Suzi began touring with Voulez Vous ABBA tribute band as a Stage Technician and instantly fell in love with the stage.  Her uncanny resemblance of ‘Agnetha’ didn’t go unnoticed and she would eventually give-up the position of Stage Technician to perform as ‘Agnetha’ in a variety of ABBA tribute bands.

Thank ABBA for the Music - Amanda AMANDA / FRIDA

Amanda started dance lessons at the age of four and it was not long after she discovered she had a talent for singing. Amanda has been performing professionally as a singer and actress for a number of years and has worked on several cruise ships and throughout Europe during this time. She has many TV, theatre and film credits and is also an accomplished pantomime performer. In 2009 Amanda joined Voulez Vous as principal Frida and has also worked with various ABBA tribute acts. Amanda continually strives to perfect her portrayal of Frida in all of her performances and is delighted to be part of Thank ABBA For The Music.
Thank ABBA for the Music - Ray RAY / BJORN

Raymond is the founding member and producer of the show. His knowledge of ABBA knows no bounds which led to his involvement and contributions to several ABBA books, radio interviews and actually meeting Benny, Bjorn and Frida. Only the elusive Agnetha evades him! In 2013 he launched Waterloo Radio, an online radio station dedicated to the music of ABBA.  Waterloo Radio would eventually be personally endorsed by ABBA's Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus and even Agnetha Faltskog via her official Twitter page.
Thank ABBA for the Music - Nick NICK / BENNY

Nick has played piano since he was three years old. He has played many different styles of popular music in various bands over the years throughout the UK and Europe and on TV. As well as playing, Nick is obsessed with the technology behind music production and the sounds that the keyboards make. This adds to the true authenticity of the Thank ABBA For The Music show.

ABBA’s Benny Andersson is one of Nicks heroes and he loves the chance to play him on stage.

The Band

Thank ABBA for the Music - Greg GREG / DRUMS

Greg has been playing drums since he was twelve years old. Greg joined his first band not long after and quickly developed a passion for playing live. After taking steps to become a full time professional drummer, on the degree course at London’s premier music school, Drumtech, Greg joined his first touring band. Greg plays for one of the UK’s hardest working rock bands, New Device, who have toured up and down the UK, performed at various festivals and played numerous support slots including main support for Bon Jovi at The O2 Arena in London. Greg grew up listening to ABBA on heavy rotation and jumped at the chance to perform their song live to excited audiences across the country!
Thank ABBA for the Music - Simon SIMON / GUITAR

Simon's was first introduced to ABBA was in 1976 when he received the ABBA’s 'Arrival' album for Christmas. The record was played non-stop for the next six months! Several years later and now an accomplished guitar play, Simon was drawn to the phenomenon of tribute shows which started to sweep the world.  He soon found himself drawn to the ABBA tribute market and, since joining his first ABBA band, he has never looked back  He has toured Sweden, Russia, Austria, Iceland, South Africa and the UK several times before joining the cast and crew of Thank ABBA For The Music.
Simon's favourite tune from the show is Eagle which he describes in his own words as "a stunning tune".
Thank ABBA for the Music - Billy BILLY / BASS GUITAR

Billy began playing guitar at the tender age of thirteen. Inspired by Hank Marvin and The Shadows, Billy later took up bass guitar and joined his first band way back in 1966. In his teens, Billy took residency at Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club where he crossed path with no other than The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Searchers and many more. A rocker at heart his fascination with ABBA knows no bounds. The complex bass riffs have had him obsessed for years having played with other ABBA tributes all over the world!
Billy's favourite song from the show is Hole In Your Soul, an album track from ABBA's The Album.

Sound, Lighting & Video Projection

Thank ABBA for the Music - Graham & Tom GRAHAM & TOM / SOUND & LIGHTING

Production sound and lighting is supplied by Electric Pulse Productions,  Graham (right) oversees sound whilst Tom (left) controls lighting.  These are the guys that are usually the first to arrive at a venue and the last to leave.
Thank ABBA for the Music - Lucy LUCY / VIDEO PROJECTION

Lucy oversees all aspection of video projection that runs throughout the show.

Please note the management company reserves the right to change cast and band members at any time without prior notice.  It may sometimes be necessary to reduce band numbers to accommodate smaller venues.

The Creative Team

Producer: Elite Entertainment Limited
Director: Raymond Sharkey
Musical Director: Peter White
Company Manager: Ken White
Sound & Lighting: Electric Pulse Productions
Video Design: Purple Videos Limited
Photography: Mike Norman, Deborah Stone & Two Thirds Media
Graphic Design: John Good Limited
Print: Pearson Design & Print, Darlington
Web Design: Kierweb Web Design
Marketing & Public Relations: Elite Entertainment Limited & Derek Block Concerts Limited
Theatre Booking Agent: Derek Block Concerts Limited 
Thank ABBA For The Music

Thank ABBA For The Music features high quality digital audio systems to deliver the best possible sound. A spectacular lighting rig with moving lights and special effects combined with large screen video and backdrop makes the theatre really come alive.